Circle of Life
Circle of Life: Physical Activity

Circle of Life: Physical Activity

Circle of Life: Physical Activity

Physical activity is often the most impactful ingredient missing for a person wanting to be physically fit and in a predominantly peaceful state of mind.

It is a rare person that doesn’t have memories of loving physical activity.

What happened?

There’s a high likelihood that a number of small events or situations of normally low consequence has been coded in the mind to cause an avoidance response toward physical exercise.

Whatever meaning this event at one time had has quite likely been solved long ago. Chances are that a person avoiding physical exercise has no logical reason to avoid. This can be very frustrating.

Starting in a reasonable way with a simple, doable plan will generally expose these avoidance triggers.

A skilled programmer at Accelerated Hypnosis can most likely help you discover these triggers and either disable them or use them to trigger a new enthusiastic response that will send you in the right direction.

If you are chronically having one response to a situation, I would find it no more surprising that you chronically have a different response.

Let’s get a different response!

To your Physical Activity and Peace of Mind

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