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Circle of Life: Relationships

Circle of Life: Relationships

Circle of Life: Relationships

You know that long term friend? Maybe you are married to that person. There is a time and place in a relationship that has developed special moments. There are those glances across the table, a private joke, a realization that co-happens.

There’s the warmth of a hand while walking the dog on a cool morning, the pleasant sharing of rich coffee at the breakfast nook or the little cafe downtown.

There is the deep satisfaction of a quiet home environment after the grandkids have gone home.

These are just a few of the pleasures in a relationship that works.

During the ‘high’ of dating, no one is looking forward to all the stupid fights and disagreements over nothing. No one is looking forward to a marriage that has degraded into silence and a roommate atmosphere.

There is an enormous variety of possibilities that creates unnecessary confusion. There are usually a simple set of rules that will usually bring about the natural friendly tension that resolves into a very human and alive relationship.

The work required for a crappy relationship is exactly the same as the work required for a wonderful relationship.

The Eagles stated in their song, Lying Eyes, “Every form of refuge has its price.”

The question that I offer is this, if you are paying the price for a relationship, why not get the relationship you want?

There is probably an enthusiastic argument inherent against the following statement. Almost every man is the perfect husband and almost every woman is the perfect wife. If you already have a husband or a wife, it is quite likely you already have the perfect spouse.

We’ve all heard someone say, “My, your husband is so wonderful! “ or, “Wow, your wife is amazing!“

We are all aware of how easy it is to be absolutely wonderful to everyone except our spouse. We are also aware of how perfectly our spouses treat everyone except us.

The nature of cause and effect insists that one person can create all the change to produce a perfect marriage. In the name of fairness, sometimes a person is unwilling to do what it takes and sometimes for good reason. Those are the exception.

Your relationship might be a lot better than you think. The turnaround that brings about a better home life than you had ever imagined or thought possible could be right on the brink of success.

Or maybe not.

One thing is for sure, no one has the same fabulous objectivity in their own life as what we all have in someone else is. Right? When someone else is struggling, it’s pretty easy to see where they’re going wrong and what they need to do to get on the right track.

Take advantage of this strange human trait and call a skilled programmer at Accelerated Hypnosis.

The programmer will ask the few questions necessary to find out where you are and will draw out of you the few answers necessary to describe where you want to go.

Once that part’s done, then is just a decision aligned with the practice of a few skills that a programmer knows, and your relationship will start shifting. Once it’s shifting you can steer it.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, just unstuck.

Here is to your relationship, the way you intended it to be.

Postscript: Humans are human and relationships are relationships. Doesn’t it make sense that these same skills can be appropriately adjusted to improve relationships at work, play, extended families, and friends?

Let’s talk, we’ll see what happens!

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