Introduction to NLP

Introduction to NLP

Introduction: Neuro-Ninguistic Programming

  • No one really knows what the mind does.

  • It does too much, too fast.

  • We are not our mind and our mind is not us. (We know we are not

our mind because we are trying to focus and our mind is singing some

stupid song)

  • NLP (Programming) is always Hypnotic.

  • Hypnosis is seldom Programming


Mind Coding

  • Whatever we are forced to do (like it or not) is based upon how the

mind is CODED

  • Think about it. There is nothing special about red or green BUT it

DOES make the entire driving word STOP and GO in unison!

  • We go on green and stop on red. Unless we have to pee or are late for

something, WE DON’T EVEN NOTICE!

  • 11:41 at night and there is no traffic. We sit until the light changes

and think NOTHING of it.


Our Mind is CODED to Go on Green and Stop

on Red.

  • Let’s say you’re driving… What, You’ve been driving for 25 – 40 years?

  • You are driving and see a red light ahead. YOU DECIDE TO RUN IT!

  • Am I really doing this? Am I really?? OH MY GOD I’m actually

running this red light!!!!

  • Your system will start freaking out just THINKING about disobeying

the code.


Code Continued…. Will Power

  • Many smokers get anxious just THINKING about quitting.

  • A spouse get furious just THINKING about not arguing a stupid point.

  • With WILL POWER though… That changes EVERYTHING

  • With Will Power you can stop smoking, change diet, stop cursing in

front of Grandma.


  • Plan on using some Will Power. It is Powerful!


Will Power: Strength and Weakness

  • With WILL POWER though… That changes EVERYTHING

  • With Will Power you can stop smoking, change diet, stop cursing in

front of Grandma.

  • You can do ANYTHING with Will Power until… You forget to use it.

  • You STOP SMOKING for instance. Until that hunting trip and you

forget to use it and ZIPPP! Right back to the CODING.

  • We want to change the code


No One Really Knows What the Mind Does

  • It does Too Much , Too Fast.

  • Even reading PHD work on it, It’s like kindergarten. It’s obvious they

have no useable idea.

  • When you finally find REAL cutting-edge Mind Experts, They’re a

couple of guys with messy hair. This side of their shirt is untucked.


The Interviewer Asks….

So… If you do this, the Mind does this??

They nod solemnly.

But HOW????

They SHRUG and shake their heads.

So… If the MASTERS of the mind have no idea, We can take ourselves

off the cross.


We Don’t HAVE to Know. We Just Have to be

Able to DRIVE it!

  • There are LOTS of things we don’t know and WE ARE JUST FINE!

  • I don’t know how my thumb nail grows. I just gotta peel a sticker.

  • I don’t know what is happening in my transmission at 38 mph.

  • I DON’T HAVE TO KNOW! I just have to go to Pasco.


Like a Car, You Don’t Have to be a Great Driver

  • You just have to get where you’re going.

  • When we drive a car, We don’t have to be Great.

  • On two wheels… Clown hanging out… People clap as we go by…

  • NO, we don’t have to be GREAT, we just have to get where we are



So… Coding. How do You Code the Mind?

  • The mind codes on super simple principles.

  • If that wasn’t true, I couldn’t do this for a living.


  • Let’s use the car example again….


Another car analogy! Super Simple Principles

  • A car operates on super simple principles. It goes….

  • Forward/Backwards

  • Left/Right

  • Start/stop




Leave a Clever Kid in a 74 Pontiac….

  • It’s just a few hours and he can drive.

  • Some HORN HONKING and SIGN LANGUAGE he’ll get better

  • ..

  • Once he figures out that this does this and that does that…


  • He can go to 7-11


So… A Car Operates on..

  • Forward/Backwards

  • Right/Left

  • Stop/Start

  • We get the kids to the Roller Rink or to St. Louis and back on these

super simple principles.


The Mind Operates on Simple Principles also.

  • The Mind codes based on what we ..

  • See

  • Hear

  • Feel

  • Smell

  • .

  • Past, Present, Future…

  • Real or Imagined.. AND THAT’S ALL!!


I’ll Take Care of the Tricky Part

  • How you see issue might be…

  • Close, far-away, color, black and white,

  • A movie, a snap-shot…

  • I don’t know… We’ll find it. And when we do….

  • We’re gonna change it!


Remember During Screening….

  • We went from what you were experiencing, what brought you in to

see me and you had some pretty unpleasant feelings….

  • All we did was move several years into future… IN YOUR


  • And your entire body was flooded with a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT set

of feelings.


You Will FEEL it in the Meat of Your Body!

  • That’s why:

  • If it feels like the PAST yucky feeling, (or even a cousin to it)


  • If it feels like the AWSOME FUTURE, (or even a cousin to it)



One of These Three Things are Going to

Happen.. In any Order

  • You’ll either say “Mr. Programmer, That makes sense but doesn’t FEEL


  • Then we’re NOT doing it. We’ll put it back where it was

  • . You’ll burst out laughing. I won’t know what you’re laughing about but

I’ll laugh with you. It’s fun but we probably won’t use it!

  • . You’ll say “Oh my God! That is perfect! If that happens, I’ll be


  • When THAT happens, we found a GOOD one.


Found a Good One! Let’s Check it!

  • How does it feel when you think about this in terms of:

  • Your Husband/Wife

  • Your DR., Lover, Lawyer

  • Accountant, Back-Cracker

  • Kids, Grand kids, Mother-in-law

  • Work, School.


  • Does it work IN YOUR LIFE?


NOW Comes the Programming.

  • We will practice the Decision (VERRRRRY important) See programmer

for details.

  • Go to a level JUST ABOVE SLEEP and MAKE THE DECISION while…

  • FLOODING you with the WONDERFUL EMOTIONS from before.

  • You’ll notice the difference immediately..


Perfect? Probably Not

  • It doesn’t have to be perfect, just un-stuck

  • Programming and Hypnosis used together — Quite Powerful!


So… That’s What We do Here

  • The implications of what this can do for your life are to BIG to ignore.

  • Keep thinking about the Habits you want to change

  • Share and Honestly as necessary

  • Amaze yourself

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