Getting on Track

Getting on Track

Pencil drawing of Don Quixote

“So what do you know about hypnosis? “

So, what do you know about hypnosis?

To start with, there is no magic. I wish there were! I would use it unabashed. I would probably be in Las Vegas right now.

There is no magic.

There are five levels of mind based on how fast electricity is snapping. Our brains are electrical, and the brain waves are based on the speed of The electrical pulses.

There is a gradation from really fast to really slow, when we’re sleeping. The mind does different things at these different speeds, kind of like the transmission of your car does something different in second gear compared to Over-Drive.

Gamma: When the brain waves are snapping really fast, we are at a pun contest or we’ve had too much coffee.

Beta: When the brain waves are a little slower, we are at work, sorting paperclips by size and color, or whatever it is we do at work.

The next 2 are called Alpha and Theta waves. This is also called hypnosis.

And the last one is the Delta waves. This is where we are sleeping.

So, we move in and out of these brain waves all the time anyway.

What gives hypnosis that your magical quality, is that when you make a decision in these levels of mind , they tend to stick.

At the highest speed, if you offered to help somebody move, you won’t.

In the beta brain waves, if you offer to help somebody move , very unlikely.

If you make the decision in the Alpha or Theta brain waves, you show up on Saturday morning ready to help or have a strong urge to.

And of course, in Delta, you are asleep.

Another thing about the Alpha and Theta brain waves is that when something new happens, our mind automatically goes here. Whatever decisions or emotions that we are feeling when the new thing happens; the mind leaves emotional imprints or bread crumbs behind so that later, when this or something similar happens, it will actually change our personality and our decision making process for a few moments.

We really are controlled by our emotions like the Manchurian candidate. (Even though I never saw the movie.)

Let’s say the first time we ever slid on the ice in the car, our uncle is driving. Woo-Hoo Uncle! Do it again! So, he does, and he takes us over there and does it again. Then he takes us out to hot cocoa, and we have a great day!

Now, 15 years later, we haven’t thought about it since. We’re driving along on a perfectly ordinary day. Our spouse, good friend, just a perfectly ordinary day.

The car slides! Whoa! Check it out! We suddenly become happy and animated over the sliding of a car. All of this happened with no practice. We might have even interrupted all of the fun that was going on in the car with an outburst of joy all TRIGGERED by the sliding of a car.

Now though, our thinking is different as well.

There is an empty parking lot over there, so we zoom over and spin around a few times, high fiving each other about how clever we are, and finish our trip to Spokane.

All of this happened completely out of the blue, unplanned and unpracticed. We think it’s US doing it. And technically it is. However, none of this would have happened if our mind had not coded it To happen this way. it is now pre-coded so that when this type of situation happens, we are prepared for our future.

How about, the first time we ever slid on the ice in the car, our other uncle was driving. He hit a mailbox! Everyone is OK so we get dug out. He starts to pull out but, Oh no! Someone called the Sheriff. It ruined the whole day.

Now, 15 years later, having not thought about it since, we’re driving along having a perfectly ordinary day. Maybe with our spouse or a good friend. The kids are playing the license plate game in the back seat. The car slides! 

Oh no! I need to be more careful! Or, oh, there sliding! I hope they’re OK!

We suddenly become worried and animated over the sliding of a car.

And now we’re thinking processes are different. “You know, I’m going to call Donna. She’ll understand. You know, we are great drivers and the emergency crews and all the other people and…”.

We cancel our trip to Spokane over the sliding of a car.

These past events are dictating the way we’re going to handle our current life. We praise ourselves when it works out well and we persecute ourselves when it works out terribly. I suppose, if a person is completely and outlandishly lucky, most, if not all our past experiences could and might have been coded a little less tragically then someone else’s.

I do think that people’s life experience in their youth will dictate an enormous amount of the things are going to happen to them later in life.

Either way, all of this happened completely out of the blue and without practice because 15 years ago we had an experience, and it has marked the rest of our life. It either brings about a great burst of enthusiastic happiness because of the fun we had with the one uncle or, it brings about a certain amount of anxiety because of what happened with the other uncle.

This will continue on until we die of old, in any area To which it applies, and we will live our lives like robots, cheering our good fortune and gnashing our teeth with miserable fortune as life plays out before us.

All along, we think that we are doing it. I assure you, in GENERAL, you are not.


Unless we go back to that level of mind and make a new decision. We make a new decision, and we flood ourselves with a different type of emotions. We flood ourselves with the type of emotions that are based on who and what we are now rather than the emotions that are based on who and what we were back then, under the situation and pressures  we were in back then.

So, what we do with hypnosis is, we go back to that level of mind. We go, on purpose, to that level of mind that we call hypnosis. This will be the Alpha or the Theta brain waves.

In this state of mind, we make a firm decision about the way we respond under these circumstances in the future. While we are making that decision, we overwhelm ourselves with wonderful emotions.

These emotions can be chosen at random or can be very specific depending on the nature of your desires. Either way, these emotions are what is going to make you respond automatically at the future. These emotions are what or what is going to drive the temporary thinking process that will follow the future triggering event.

Maybe I am lacking wisdom. Or maybe it’s laziness. Regardless, I use the basic tenets of the fruits of the spirit, (Approximately peace, love, joy, patience, and etc.) unless I have a specific emotion in mind. That strategy has never failed me.

You will notice a difference immediately. It will not be perfect. It can come through as small as an urge or thought to do it differently. It can come through a little stronger as a clear decision to make and a bit of tug of war. It can come through as a direct response of going the new way.

It doesn’t really matter. The fact that it is different, and you are aware of that difference, is one of the most thrilling experiences. When it starts going the new way, and you clearly remembered that you had done a session of self-hypnosis on the subject, and you are aware that it is already working, it is one of the most wonderful experiences.

Use willpower if needed to get things going the new direction. Within a few days it will start becoming habit.

Caution: It Is seldom perfect. It doesn’t have to be perfect. We just have to get ‘unstuck’.

If you’ve ever been stuck in the snow, let’s say 4 1/2 minutes, (which seems like an eternity , especially if you are crooked and people have to drive around you.) and A guy comes along with a chain and pulls you out. You don’t say, “excuse me Sir, I’m 3 degrees off!” No, even if you are backwards, it is a pleasure to drive the wrong way for a mile and a half and turn around. If he is still there, we roll the window down and thank him again.

No, this doesn’t have to be perfect we just have to be unstuck. Even if you seem like you’re going backwards for a while, if you’re not stuck, it doesn’t take long to get back on track. 

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