Circle of Life: Home Cooking

Circle of Life: Home Cooking Who doesn’t LOVE a home-cooked meal! Home cooking is so much more than the meal itself. There are the smells, the little lumps of cheese that Grandma pops in your mouth, coming home from school on a winter Friday and you can smell home baked bread for several houses before you get home. Whether you […]

Circle of Life: Home Environment

Circle of Life: Home Environment The all-inclusive discussion supporting one type of home environment over another could fill a library shelf. With much relief, most individuals have a simple idea in mind that produces a most satisfying feeling. That’s pretty much what it’s about, right? A wonderful feeling? A home environment is personal. There’s not a lot of room in […]

Circle of Life: Physical Activity

Circle of Life: Physical Activity Physical activity is often the most impactful ingredient missing for a person wanting to be physically fit and in a predominantly peaceful state of mind. It is a rare person that doesn’t have memories of loving physical activity. What happened? There’s a high likelihood that a number of small events or situations of normally low […]

Circle of Life: Relationships

Circle of Life: Relationships You know that long term friend? Maybe you are married to that person. There is a time and place in a relationship that has developed special moments. There are those glances across the table, a private joke, a realization that co-happens. There’s the warmth of a hand while walking the dog on a cool morning, the […]

Getting on Track

“So what do you know about hypnosis? “ So, what do you know about hypnosis? To start with, there is no magic. I wish there were! I would use it unabashed. I would probably be in Las Vegas right now. There is no magic. There are five levels of mind based on how fast electricity is snapping. Our brains are […]