Learn how to unlock the POWER of your unconscious mind

Ken Hatcher “The Stress Relief Guy” is a certified Hypnotist and Neuro Linguistic Programmer teaching personal mind control through hypnosis. Ken became fascinated with self-directed enhancement at the age of sixteen. Over the next three decades he continued studying many courses on personal development, human potential and accelerated learning. Ken is always finding new ways to apply accelerated learning to help improve people’s life’s.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a technique that promotes accelerated learning through our unconscious mind. Our sessions together will allow you to eliminate unwanted behaviors and improve positive ones. It makes changes easier, pain free, and stress free! You are able to change behaviors and produce your most truly desired results.

Hypnosis combined with NLP has helped many Individuals, Corporations and Small Businesses achieve their greatest capabilities and give them that mental edge over the competition. Do you have the desire to improve your life but not sure how? Hypnosis will help you to perform at your very best. It engages the subconscious mind so you can literally put all of yourself into the changes you want. These resources must be developed and cared for.

As humans our mind, body, and emotion are all interwoven as one. The body does only what the mind believes. We can help you to make the most of your past experiences and put them in the present. The confidence you felt during the speech you gave, or that perfect pass you made at the game are both examples of feelings and motions that you can learn how to make automatic.

Racing Mind?

You can turn your mind on and off at will. With a little training (how about learning poems or times tables?) we can teach our minds to talk and never shut up! A little training and with humorus understanding, we can train it back to quiet. Want more? Look around or contact me below.

Nervous Ball in Stomach?

Things that we have learned in life that can hurt us, physically, emotionally, and etc., our body is going to signal the danger. It’s gotta happen and it does. Too much can disturb sleep and wreck our work and family life. Want to drain that excess nervous enery? Look around or contact me below

Talk With Your Mind

Talking with our mind is perfectly wonderful. We are all doing it constantly. Ever wonder what it would be like to KNOW your mind is listening and obeying your desires? There is a simple process. The cool thing is you can trust your mind and I can prove it. People are amazed how instantly they can recognize the mind listening and responding in a useable way.

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Money Stress

Most people have a little or a lot of money stress. Who knows if you will win Publisher’s Clearing House or not. One thing for sure is, You Can reduce money stress. we work with this any given day of the week.

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